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September 20, 2017
New Feature: Twitter Integration

You can now connect your Twitter integration with your website to sync your latest tweets for your fans to see and follow you on Twitter

September 14, 2017
Bug fixes and small improvements

We made quite some small improvements over the past few days. A summary of what's new:

  • Video Tutorials are now available in the Get Started list
  • You can now turn off autoplay when you have set a video as Home
  • The Ibiza theme is now also available to Spinnin' x Revolve users
  • You can now edit the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions pages (haven't you always dreamed of that?)

September 12, 2017
Better sharing on your socials

We've improved how Facebook and Twitter show your website when you share it on those platforms. Give it a try and promote your website.

September 04, 2017
Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

You can now create an EPK page on your website for media/promoters/bookers to find and download all of your important information in one place. To do this go to Content > Add A Page

August 28, 2017
Action Bar

Spotlight and promote your call-to-action with an action bar. This bar will appear on the top or bottom of your site. Head to Promote > Action Bar for more information.

August 21, 2017
Free Stock Images

Add Hi-Res stunning photos as your home image of your website. Search through our database of thousands of photos. Head to Content > Home > Edit Content